Bodysymptom-oriented selfhealing via the reality-based imagination

IRT – the method

IRT-Logo / Bewusstseinserweiterung zu Gipfelerlebnissen


IRT (I) is a method of bodysymptom-oriented selfhealing for body, mind and spirit via the reality-based imagination.

The discovery basic to the method:

If an object near the body which is observed with open eyes (arrows to the table top) is touched with the image of a diseased body part (contact points “stars”) this is spontaneously enlivened (tingling, warmth…). This enlivening is experienced on the real body by resonance.

While the intensity of the experience varies from person to person, repeated cycles based even on a weak initial effect produce clearly sensible improvements. The speed of such improvement differs widely from person to person.

IRT accelerates healing processes. This may even lead to spontaneous healings as have been medically recorded but have so far not been explicable.

The research is carried on within the framework of the GfGW “Gesellschaft für freie Geistige Wissenschaft e.V.”, a non-profit organisation.

With IRT (II) the method expands so that often the user experiences a spontaneous expansion of the imagination/consciousness which may include access to transpersonal realms of experience.


Using IRT you graduate from the patient, the sufferer, to the user, the active researcher