Bodysymptom-oriented selfhealing via the reality-based imagination

What is IRT?

IRT-Logo / Bewusstseinserweiterung zu Gipfelerlebnissen


IRT actively uses the imagination – not just visual – to permit everyone’s own basic pattern of health of body, mind and spirit to be realized.

Diseases and malfunctions are manifestations of disrupting patterns which spontaneously show up in the imagination and which are locally superimposed upon the basic pattern. This may be temporary but often is already very helpful.

Beyond this, by the exercises of IRT (II) such disrupting patterns together with their mental and spiritual correspondences can be completely dissolved. This means healing without the possibility of relapse.

Moreover, in so doing the user may have experiences of a trans-personal nature. These can be considered spiritual self-healing (becoming whole) and may develop up to forms of enlightenment as described in the literature of different religious traditions.

IRT-trained users, mostly in dialogue with “Attention-Guides”, have applied the method so far on the following symptoms:

• Muscle and joint-pains
• Backaches and toothaches
• Slipped discs
• Phantom pains of amputees
• Dizziness and high blood
• Cardiac-arrhythmia
• Weakness of concentration
  and learning power
• Headaches, migraines
• Hay fever
• Stiff neck and crick-in-the-neck
• Whip lash
• Impacted coccyx
• Some forms of rheumatism
  and arthritis
• Burns
• Cuts and bruises
• Inflammation of nerves
• Restless legs
• Accelerated healing after
  operations and accidents
• And many more


Using IRT you graduate from the patient, the sufferer, to the user, the active researcher