Bodysymptom-oriented selfhealing via the reality-based imagination

The developer

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Paul Meyer
* 1921, obtained his B.Sc. Engineering (London University) in 1942, † 2014

After research and development work in industry he has been operating as of 1962 as an independent consultant. He is an inventor with many international patents and licencees in different countries. Also he successfully helped to develop and sell industrial plant based on these.

Since the early 1950s he privately practised different systems of meditation and spiritual development, leading to independent research into dialogically guided expansion of consciousness.

As of the early 1990s this resulted in the striking healing phenomena of IRT.

From 2001 he has been occupied, apart from further research, with the organisation of the considerable amounts of material accumulated in his spiritual endavours.

Prof. Dr. med. K. Maurer, Director emeritus of the Psychiatric Clinic of the Goethe University Frankfurt/M. became interested in IRT by personal experience in the late 90s, since when he has contributed valuable impulses to the scientific foundation of the method.


Using IRT you graduate from the patient, the sufferer, to the user, the active researcher